Regifting (To Yourself)

One of the best decisions along the theme of self-love I’ve made this year is pulling the contents out of a gift bag I’d intended for a person who would have probably been unappreciative, and regifting them… to myself. Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner? The bag had been sitting patiently in the backseat […]

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Blooming in the Plains

(Sun Seeking, Week 2) If you find yourself in the plains, you’ll be aware that there are only a few months to bloom during the year. It might take you ten months or so to remember how to care for yourself enough to bloom, but there is evidence that this kind of tending to self-care […]

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Something else I’m teaching myself this week is to ask myself what kind of life I want to be living, and then asking myself what I can be doing both at night and in the morning to prepare for that kind of success. I do this in my journal, and I have a specific journal […]

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Emitting Light

One thing I’m learning is that we must strive to put out positivity into the UNIVERSE (I find that’s actually easier to do than solely “the world) no matter how tumultuous our life becomes. Each day we’re alive, we have to at least strive to emit goodness and be a force of good somehow. 🌀

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The Return of Sun Seeking, Week 1

There are a lot of things that have changed about my perspective on finding the sunshine in an otherwise miserable world throughout the past five years. But more distinctly, the past ten years. Didn’t things seem to just be SO simple back in 2012? Or even better, 2010? Is it possible to bring the simplicity […]

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On Living Forever

I just followed a prompt from The Intuitive Way by Penney Peirce: “If I could live for 100 years and still be healthy and attractive, what might I do in each ten year [increment] to come?” …and, wow. Realizing that because every day for the past three or more years, I’ve been on the edge […]

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Breaking through Stagnancy

It’s hard to believe I’ve been dormant in my creativity and writing for almost an entire year. But no worries– new projects are on the horizon. I’ve of course been working on my three novels, which are all somewhat intertwined with one another. I have more business writing projects and music gigs coming up this […]

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Copoco’s Honey

Copoco’s Honey & Bee Products is a haven of all things honey, located at 2020 North College Avenue in Fort Collins. Not only will you find the best variety of pure, raw honey; it is also your stop for beekeeping supplies and information about bees. From the outside, you’ll notice the small bright yellow shop with a bold letterboard featuring bee jokes, bee facts, or other bee jargons. It’s easy to pass by from on the highway, but I hope you won’t miss it next time you’re in this area. It’s a perfect stop for those who make these regular Highway 287 trips into or out of Fort Collins– but definitely worthy of an out-of-the-way trip on its own for those who don’t regularly pass by. Being a honey lover, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of this unique shop before it caught my eye a couple of months ago and I was inspired to learn more.

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